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23 March 2015

Dubrovnik day two...

I had composed an awesome blog post throughout the day yesterday and it was 99% complete and just as I went in to upload it... It disappeared. So sad. The wonders of technology. Sigh.
So I will do my best to reconstruct it.
We began the day by purchasing bus tickets from the hotel for the city bus into Old Town - the original walled city. The tickets cost the equivalent of £1.60 round trip for all five of us - total. 
After a fairly scenic and quick trip to the old town, we began exploring.
There are orange trees all around the old town.

There's always an Irish pub everywhere, isn't there?

We were wandering around the nooks  and crannies of the city and found a square where a green market was being held. We purchased some homemade orange peel candy and kept wandering.
There was another small market set up around the corner and I saw a table filled with the brightest colored fruits and vegetables. I said to chris, "look how pretty that produce is. It almost doesn't look real." As we got closer, we discovered why that was - it wasn't real! So we touched it and a man said "please don't touch". Another man smiled at our confused faces and explained that they were making a movie. That was when we looked around and realized all the market stalls were a bit too perfect. So, picture us, American tourists, wandering right into the middle of a movie set!
There were cats everywhere around. Sophia began counting them and this one, I believe, was number 8.
After wandering awhile, we decided to stop at one of the many sidewalk cafes. 
I have wifi again now that we are at the lodge (more about that later), so I'm going to go ahead and publish! More later!

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