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06 March 2015

Things are just things, part two.

You may have read my blog post about the paper cups that my Grandmother had given me.  If not, and you are just dying with curiosity to read about what makes paper cups special enough to warrant an entire blog post about them - it can be found here.

As my cousin was in town for the big move (as her Dad is my Mom's brother, we share the same Grandmother of the paper cup fame), and as soon as she finished laughing about me keeping those paper cups, she made an awesome suggestion. She said we should toast to Grandmother and drink her favorite drink out of the paper cups.  Then we both winced a little when we remembered that her favorite drink was a whiskey sour. Yikes!

A great idea that warmed my heart.  So, we did it.

And it was really, really good.  I am pretty sure our Grandmother used a pre-mixed whiskey sour mix from a bottle, but we made them from scratch, using this recipe. (minus the maraschino cherries - I'm not sure they sell them here).

As we drank and then considered that we had worked kind of hard to prepare the drink and we weren't totally sure the cups wouldn't dissolve completely after so many years, we chucked them in the trash after transferring our drinks to tumblers.

Here's to you, Grandmother, we miss you!

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