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04 March 2015

Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's day, we took a break from the unpacking to go pick up a new pair of school shoes for Georgia, and stopped into a restaurant called "Byron's Proper Hamburgers" for lunch.  And we treated ourselves to this awesome sundae for dessert.

We have a few special family traditions we have adopted to try to make holidays special and memorable for the girls.  We used to do a big fondue dinner every Valentine's day, but last year, we were in a temporary apartment and didn't have our things with us. This year, in the midst of the move, fondue seemed just way to daunting to attempt. So, we did the same Valentine's dinner that we did last year, Cupid's Crazy Cafe.  The girls loved it.  We may have to find a different holiday for fondue and continue this one for Valentine's day.

We have a plan for what we will serve for dinner (secret from the girls, of course), and what food item or utensil corresponds to each number. The girls choose what number they want to be served at each course and that is where the fun begins!

Georgia's first course was steak and salad, but no utensils at all!

Olivia got steak and a spoon!

Sophia got sparkling apple juice and a napkin!

The dinner continued on in just as crazy a fashion!

Here is Georgia trying to eat ice cream with a knife!

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